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Apr 24, 2021

The team is back together, as John, Dave, and Jeff gather 'round to dissect the final installment in "The Falcon And the Winter Soldier"! Find out what they think went right, what went wrong, and most importantly, what John thinks about the new Captain America costume!

Apr 16, 2021

John returns to delve into what IS the truth; whether or not this is the greatest game of Frisbee ever played; and what else we can learn about Sam Wilson's journey to becoming the TRUE Captain America!

Apr 10, 2021

David Monteith returns to talk about "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" Episode 4! What is evil? Is violence always the dividing line between good and evil? These question and more will be discussed as we try to marry our...

Apr 3, 2021

David Monteith makes a very special guest appearance on the show as we discuss the third episode – or is it the FOURTH?! Don't ask Jeff – of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier! Can the male bonding and buddy-cop hijinks moments keep up with the action and adventure? Tune in and find...